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Greetings to you all,

This is my first entry, and I will be keeping it short, basically I'm just testing out how this works. I've never run a blog before, so hopefully it's as easy as I've heard. Hopefully it doesn't take me long to figure out how to make sure it's all up and running right, and I'm hoping this allows people to subscribe to the blog itself, and therefore get messages as I post them.

If this works as I'm hoping it will, I'll be able to post a blog post at least weekly, even if I'm too busy to do an actual video that way everyone will know I'm not dead, and that I haven't given up.

Thank you all for your support, and many appologies for the delay since my last video.

Nick Borden.

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Nick Borden said...
Just checking to make sure everything works.
March 21, 2015 09:54:26
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